DIRTY KANZA 2013: Not even about the race really…

The Dirty Kanza was a race that has intrigued me for just a year. I missed the registration last year due to work but this year I was on it. Excitedly paying the entrance fee right when the gates were opened. Then I promptly did not plan at all for this race. I started a new job at World Of Bikes around this time and had to prepare for TransIowa and Almanzo and Dirty Kanza all seemingly at the same time. About three weeks out from the race I attended Steve McGuire’s speech about his bike building class at the University of Iowa. Unbeknownst to me he knew who I was and slightly embarrassed me in front of his crowd and then offered me a ride to Dirty Kanza, seemed like a fair trade. Steve is a TransIowa veteran, Dirty Kanza veteran, and all around badass. Also he was going with a strong group of guys who had a support vehicle. Total there were 8 of us, a big group of 8 crazies with every bike imaginable. Single speed fat bikes, geared fat bikes, titanium Blacksheep bikes, and simple geared cross bikes. We were ready for adventure! As for my set up I stuck with my Kona Major Jake. The gear I used was a Revelate gas tank, two feed bags from them for water, a seat bag from Arkel, and my trusty CamelBack. I wore my World of Bikes kit and stashed a windproof shell in my pockets in case I got cold. On my hands were some long fingered gloves and on my feet were my mountain biking shoes all set up for walking through impassable roads if any came about. ONWARD TO THE RACE!



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