Why am I doing this again…?

So I went for a ride yesterday. The first that really feels like I am gearing up for TransIowa again. It’s not that I am starting training or anything, just mostly mentally sorting out how to organize the months leading up to it. I know I won’t have the luxury of working on my bike for a living anymore. It was so simple to just work 35 hours a week delivering all year…it was my training. Soooo now I get to focus on the real reasons for riding..instead of just catching minimum wage. But anyways, my ride yesterday. It was more of a walk. Next to a muddy B road. For like 45 minutes. My shoulder is seriously bruised today. I rode out my normal route and then turned back towards home. Then down a dumb road I thought/knew would be muddy. Gross, with lots of grass and corn husks. I might as well have just sat down and constructed a little mud hut to call home. As I walked I wondered if this would help at all. Was it pointless to just walk around in a cornfield. I mean I could see the lights of Iowa City. I was 3 miles away from home. Halfway through the first road I decided I wouldn’t turn around. It would be the same as going forward. Then I just continued walking. Even though I have been on that road a million times I still wanted to keep that idea around that something new could be around the corner (mostly just scary birds with way too flappy wings).  It’s really too simple. Just keep going. If I keep going on rides it will become more natural. I am still pretty new to cycling (bought 3 or 4 year in). I have a lot to learn, and I will never stop learning either. Every ride or walk or adventure I go on will teach me something new. It doesn’t matter if all it is happens to be is my 8 minute commute. Sometimes those are the hardest ride of the day. But I do them because I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would much rather bike home in the pouring rain then get a ride home in a car. My gravel adventures are becoming that slowly. There are days when I get car rides home, but who doesn’t. That’s where the slow comes in. For me riding allows me to shut off my brain. To talk to myself, to sing along with dorky music, and to focus on the real reason why I do things. Just the simple happy thought. Pedal, cruise, breathe.

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