I’m having a hard time staying focused. For example right after I typed that very sentence I wandered off and put some new music into my iTunes (granted it was super wonderful music). But still, I have the whole day off today and I have plans. I think? Riding with other people, even when it is just for fun, and not an organized ride, stresses me out. Will we go to silly places? Is it too cold? So I typically ride alone. There are probably about three people who I can comfortably ride with. Audrey, Sam and Adam. I don’t feel the pressure. And then I start wondering how I even get this whole idea built up in my head. Isn’t that the whole idea of a bike ride? To not worry. I will have to work on this! I think it’s partly my anxiety to impress people. I just need to relax and realize that we are all out there having fun no matter where the bikes are being ridden.

Anyways I wanted to post a list of short term goals and things to accomplish to keep me focused right now!

1. Learn how to use and create a personal newsletter and a World of Bikes newsletter.

2. Write more.

3. Ride more.


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