When I am not riding bikes, I am still riding bikes.

Just a quick life update! World of Bikes is my main stay job right now, but I also added in a couple weekends this spring teaching a bike touring class through the University of Iowa. This is a great opportunity to test myself and really reach out beyond my typical scope of people. I taught two weekends and it was one of my favorite experiences I have had on a bicycle. Bike camping and touring is where I really found my passion for long distance cycling. Sharing this love with impressionable college-aged students was amazing.

The first weekend in May I was lucky enough to lead the overnight bike camping class. I wrote a little blurb for the World of Bikes blog HERE! Read all about what the students and I learned while riding together and camping for a couple days.

I am so stoked about everything happening in Iowa City. We hired two new women at World of Bikes so we can better serve the ladies in our community. Just last night we taught 8 women how to change flat tires! Empowering women is one of my favorite things to do.

Ladies fixin' flats!
Ladies fixin’ flats!

I was also chosen as the most inspiration lady at TransIowa so keep an eye out for some more words of wisdom ladies! If you have any thing you want touched on or questions answered email me at andrea.cohen@worldofbikes.com and I will do my best!

Dirty Kanza training is going well and I am excited to see how I do for my third go at this thing! If you haven’t heard the interview I did with Danielle about DK check it out HERE! All I can do from here on is keep riding and hoping for amazing weather!

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