Chronicles of Something: Excitement and little guidance.

In an effort to keep my mind on track I am going to start archiving more things on my blog. They will all be kept under the same title, which I am still working on.  I mentioned a exciting announcement and that will be at the end of my list. I am a list maker. That is how most of my non-race reports are going to be recorded.  I want this platform to replace a lot of the words I put on Facebook. It makes things seem more concrete to me, and really it’s for me to look back at.  Just a better way of keeping myself in line.

  • It’s been some time since Tuscobia, but I am only going to focus on what is ahead of me. Spring is right around the corner. Once I can actually get back on my bike and ride I am not going to over-do it. I have a tendency to try and cram as much riding into my days off as possible. I will make an effort to actually craft a schedule and stick to it.
  • So far the race calendar is pretty simple.
    • Landrun 100
    • TransIowa
    • Dirty Kanza
    • Gravel Worlds
    • Chequamegon 100
      • I just have the essentials on there right now. I know I will be adding more and they will be bookended with weekends working at WOB.  I want to visit some new states! I have a vehicle now! (Clifford the Little Red Kidney Bean truck that has way too many names.)
      • I am looking at more races out west. Probably Rebecca’s Private Idaho, and possibly a NUE race….or just a camping trip out there 🙂 Maybe head over to Arkansas and check out what is going on over there with my Spearfish.


I get to be a part of the Dirty Kanza Ride Camp! The camp will be happening the end of winter. March 31st-April 3rd. While yes, this is still about bikes. It isn’t a race. It’s something for me to look forward to that will definitely be a learning experience, but one where that is the point. It will be a huge motivator through the rest of the winter season and a goal to train for where the point isn’t to win, but to just build!

I am so excited. Dirty Kanza is arguably my favorite gravel race of the year and being a part of the ride camp will make it that much more.  I want to meet people, learn from them, ride the Flint Hills, and just relax. Take in the gravel and all the wisdom that will be at the ride camp. So. Excited.

And if you needed more motivation to keep chasing those imaginary gravel mountains check out my favorite moment of a 2015 ride. Sometimes I just read what I wrote to myself to make sure I am still on track. These words help a lot.

I am starting to figure out what 2016 is going to bring, but it’s going to take a lot of brainstorming 😉

2 thoughts on “Chronicles of Something: Excitement and little guidance.

  1. John Despres

    Excellent! I’ve added Rebecca’s Private Idaho to the list for this year. I’m working my cakes off for that initial 2k foot climb.

    I look forward to seeing you crush Stillwater and Emporia this spring!

    The DK camp is on my bucket list; I need to save up for it. It’s a bit over my wallet.

    See you in Stillwater!

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