Lots to talk about….

What is my next event. People have been wondering. I have been wondering. I was signed up for my beloved Gravel Worlds. I am also signed up for the Marji Gesick race. I am doing neither. Reasons are easy and obvious.

I am literally the only person who can work the weekend of Gravel Worlds. I need to support the shop, World of Bikes, that has helped me every step of the way during my cycling career and will continue to help no matter what. I truly believe that without WOB I would be a couple of gigantic steps behind.

The Marji Gesick was one of my ideas to try and complete an 100 mile ride. In the beginning of the year I had grand ideas about training and how strong I would get and all that stuff. I am still freaking strong, I just don’t think it is the right time to drive 10+ hours to a race that I am not ready for.

So what am I doing? I am preparing for one of my busiest months. Many of you probably know that I drive a school bus. That starts this month. I also lead a bike touring class at the University of Iowa. That takes up a whole weekend twice or three times a year. That is a lot of jobs. Sometimes I forget….but August reminded me by being the busiest month out there. I also added in some things at World of Bikes that I am super duper stoked about.

The ladies flat clinic is back after a two month hiatus.

I will be leading my first ever camping clinic. August 5th.

I will be leading my first WOB camping trip. August 13th. It will take less than 24 hours. You should come.

And finally I am feeling confident enough to start to really embrace what I want to do at the shop. I want to lead ladies clinics. Advanced maintenance clinics will happen this fall. Things will slow down. I will make it happen.

The camping group and clinics are going to grow. I am going to learn so much and get people stoked about camping with your bike. I want to grow some relationships and make WOB the camping headquarters. It will take some more support outside of the shop, but who doesn’t need that. Really.

Finally something other than bike shop talk.

I am going back to school next fall. Physical Therapy Assistant.

Full time student. Full time cycling advocate located at World of Bikes getting you stoked on everything from kids 12″ bikes to full on loaded down Cutthroats. I mentioned embracing what I do at WOB. I made a list (of course I made a list).

  1. Maintain a strong presence at the shop during hours. I love the community we serve. I would miss them too much.
  2. Grow the ladies clinics. Create an advanced clinic to get the ladies deeper into their bikes.
  3. Grow the camping community. Take people on adventures 5 miles away from their house.
  4. Incorporate bike fits. I am going to school to be a Physical Therapy Assistant. I want to learn how to move some people’s bodies around to fix problems. Why not on a bike. I spend enough time sitting on them to know a little bit. I want to make it official (this one is the least thought out).
  5. Lastly I want to be that cycling advocate. I want to be able to actually quit my job driving a bus. Right now I can see the light at the end of the bus. I have left that job before only to realize it is beneficial. When I finally do leave that job again, it will be for good. I will have other things to focus on (I already do).

Back to one of those first thoughts. Events. My next event is the Salsa Ride Camp. No start time. No podium. No cut offs. No checkpoints. Just a party with bikes. Camping with bikes. The people. I am so stoked. Plus I get to take some peeps with me. Two customers and some WOB staff. I said no events until September. This is the one.  yaaaaassss.


Andrea From Iowa.

p.s. If you read that whole thing. Thank you. Kinda like a race report, but a life report.




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