WOB Adventure Time: Camping Trip to Lake MacBride

WOB went camping about a week ago. It was tons o’ mega fun.


About 10 of us loaded up our bikes and left the WOB parking lot around 5:45.

The route is posted on blackriver.


You can follow that link to check out our GPX file on the way out there.


It was a beautiful night to ride. We choose a paved route so all the bikes would be welcome.


A grumpy little butterfly was there to greet us.


We arrived at the camp well before sun down, leaving plenty of time for cooking meals and making fires. 20160813_195521

Some giggles over dinner/beers.

The night was calm and warm. I am sure some people woke up with the sun, but I was still asleep until 8am.


Everyone woke up at their own pace and left at their own pace too. The camping spot was central enough that most everyone left with their own route.


Follow the above link for our route home. A handful of us moseyed into town, soaking in the early morning sun. 20160814_082905

Overall the trip took about 17 hours, including sleeping. I had planted firewood out there earlier that day because of a massive downpour the night before, leaving all the scroungable wood wet. Water was available at the campsite and food was easy. Most people brought their own with enough to share.

The next camping trip is going to involve gravel, more beer, the Palisades-Kepler State Park, and a little bit of a longer ride.


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