Salsa Ride Camp 2016


A little while ago I had mentioned that my next event would be the Salsa Ride Camp. I was stoked. An event right next to some of my favorite trails, with my favorite bikes, and favorite people. You can’t really go wrong.

What made it even better was taking three hooligans with me.


We piled into the Bossman’s car with the all important cooler and four bikes and headed North.

7 hours later we took one right turn and found the magical Ride Camp.


We arrived just in time for dinner. Salsa is not one to skimp on feeding a bunch of hungry bike riders. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner would be happening all weekend. That was my favorite luxury of the weekend, no tiny camp stove meal.


The first night was all about settling in and getting to bed early so we could shred in the morning. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday would boast a schedule of rides, eating, learning, and general tom-foolery. I woke up early Saturday morning in search of coffee. There was plenty to go around.


Then we gathered into groups to head out on rides of your choosing. A day long MTB ride, short MTB ride (with 2 skill levels), a gravel ride, even a fishing trip! I stuck with the MTB. The Woodsmoke. Man, I am having dreams about that thing. I have ridden at the CAMBA trails many times. I have never felt so confident and fast as I did on that bike.


We rode for about an hour. Stopping halfway for snacks and chatting. Ben Weaver was the leader and I was the sweeper. Everyone got to ride their own pace, racing only yourself. Beyond the magical CAMBA trails there were some sweet bicycles.


Seriously. A bear skull. On a Beargrease.

Heading back to camp we had lunch and then decided what bikes to ride next. I choose gravel. I couldn’t not ride some gravel.


We rode about 30 miles or so of “gravel” and sand. We hit the Chequamegon 40 course a couple of times and breezed past lake after lake. This ride. We were a mix of really, really fast dudes and chill dudes. The conversation was easy the riding was fun.


After our ride it was time for dinner. But first, remember that easy conversation….we also made plans. Laura, one of the Salsa magicians, called ahead and ordered up whiskey shots with a pickle back. Pure magic. It’s really amazing what gravel rides can do ;).


Dinner was time for beers, foods, more convo, more fire.


Magical sunsets.



Earlyish to bed. Early to rise. More coffee and time for riding. I decided to head to the MTB trails. I had to soak in as much of those trails as possible.


After that last ride we made it back to camp and knew it was time to go. I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay forever. Just move into that grassy field.

I want to make this an annual event for me. Just hanging out, having fun, getting rad.



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