RAD TOUR 2016. Formerly known as the Culinary Ride. Forever RAD!

Was it a whole week ago? Over a week ago? Man, the days are going by too quickly. Anyways on September 18th the Rad Tour arrived in Iowa City.


My most wonderful lady friend, Audrey, is the mastermind behind the Rad Tour operation. She wasted no time putting her whole family and I to work. She DIY screen-printed over 300 hankies. I just got to rip them in half.


She would also be screen-printing shirts on site. Bring the shirt you love, make it even better.


OHYEA. Food. Farms! Fermentation!!!!! World of Bikes closed down just so we could tour Iowa City and beyond. The route would be shorter this year, so moseying could be achieved.


After an early congregation in front of the Co-Op for coffee and breakfast, we took to the streets to head to the UI student gardens across town. We were greeted by Zaza’s Pasta and more food! Delicious food.


From there we scooted outta town. To the gravels!20160918_104047-1

And the safety checks. The next stop would be Rapid Creek Ranch. There was maybe a 15 mile ride to the farm. Just enough time to work up an appetite.


 The school buses on the horizon house chickens!

Processed with VSCO
Processed with VSCO
Beautiful bouquets of water.

The next stop would be Anna’s Cutting Garden and Geyer’s Wood Fired Pizza.


The food was amazing. The space was so calm. I had never been to this farm before this weekend. I need to go back. I mean just read that quote right there. Straight from their website.

“Pizza nights on the farm are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month from the end of May to the end of September – open to anyone who wants to come.  Pizza is served from 5-8 pm.  Napkins, plates and a cooler of juice or tea are provided along with as much pizza as you feel inclined to eat.”

Geyer’s Oven Pizza

Also Anna’s Cutting Garden was beautiful.


Plus there was a kitty eating a t-bone.

The next stop would be an optional (required) bar. Kat’z Roade Hause on Black Diamond Rd.

What a perfect place to stop and slam some vodka lemonades. Next up would be Dane’s Dairy. We had maybe 8 miles of hills to get there.


We all dissolved into small children who couldn’t make decisions about ice cream and slushies.

Exhibit A: Grumpy Charles

 From here it would be a nice ride through town back to where we began. The last stop would be the Iowa City Brew Lab.


There was pie and beer and hangs.


What a seriously perfect day, with my favorite people, in my favorite places. Thank you Audrey and the whole Rad Tour gang for putting on the best party on wheels. We love you.

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