TransIowa 2017 is a no go.

Just a tiny update, about important things, and no real reason for why I am not doing TransIowa.

1.I am not going to be starting TransIowa this year.

  • I have done TransIowa 5 times.
  • I have finished twice.
  • I told myself last year it was my last year.
  • I guess I was right….for now.
  1. TransIowa has helped me in ways I probably don’t understand yet.
  2. I am going to Grinnell the day before the race to interview the women of TransIowa.
    • If you have any questions you want me to ask them email me at
  3. My next event is Almanzo 100.
  4. Life is hectic and wonderful and anxiety inducing and I am having a little bit of a hard time but I know that nothing is fucked.

transiowa women and gravel




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