Music+Bikes=Lady Version.

This is Allison Zmuda’s fault. Monday morning after a very trying weekend I received a text that went something like this….

“Hey Andrea! One of my ladies is looking for some music suggestions to get her pumped while riding. She listens to stoner metal (♥♥♥♥) which she doesn’t think will be good to keep her going, too slow. Do you have any suggestions for good lady bands?”

OH. I do. I love music. All kinds. I love bikes. All kinds. I love ladies. ‘Specially the ones that ride bikes and listen to music…..even better is metal. I could rant on and on about the music I like, but whatever. A spark was sparked, light was lit. I have been meaning to talk about the music that is cranked up in my headphones while riding.

Sharing is caring. My music is special to me, just like bikes. So thanks to Allison you all get a taste of my jams.

p.s-these are not all lady bands. not all metal. definitely not all metal. and I do listen to lots of weird stuff.

First band is a great band. I saw them once and got choked by an angry man who was dragged out of the show. Grindy-mathy-powerful-wonderful female fronted grindcore. Even if you don’t listen to this during Dirty Kanza you should listen to it anyways ladies.


War on Women. Very obviously an important band. They are more along the hardcore lines, on Bridge 9 records  and led me to bands like Exit Order,  Nosebleed, and Hardware. I don’t listen to much of this music so I am sure there are many magical lady-fronted hardcore acts that I am missing out on. Send them to us.


Third band is adorable. It’s not metal at all. Versa Emerge. Some motivational poppy-fun-bounce around-singing about sad breakups and boys and how much I like holding hands. I like this music too. I listen to way too much Children 18:3, Lemuria, and Cayetana to not talk about it. Paramore fits in here too….not sorry.


I can’t post this without some more metal latched on here. Just some good ‘ole fashioned metal to round this out. You don’t even want to get me started on more pop music….Three of my favorite metal bands with ladies in them, whether they are fronting the band whatever they are great bands and I am picking on them because they have ladies in them. Run on sentences and stuff. Electric Wizard. Kylesa. Windhand. I have never seen Electric Wizard live, but I am sure it would be magic.













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