Dirty Kanza 2017.

  • This is going to be #5.
  • A good time will be had.
  • This year I won’t have any support lined up, just like the last 4 years.
  • That’s kind of on purpose, more of a habit at this point.
  • The Salsa Warbird is perfect this year. See list below….

  1. Lauf Fork
  2. Ultegra Hydro
  3. HED Ardennes
  4. Bontrager CX0
  5. Specialized Ruby saddle
  6. Lizard Skins bar tape
  7. Outershell Drawcord Handlebar Bag*
  8. that bag. see below for more info.
    that bag. see below for more info
  9. Try really hard to not worry about what “place” I am in.
  10. Ride DK in a way that makes me happy, makes me proud.
  11. My legs are back under me, after 2 years of floundering*, they feel strong.

    looks like floundering. actually isn't. see below for more info.
    looks like floundering. actually isn’t see below for more info.
  12. Other things I am pumped about…
    • meeting more people.
    • riding with 200 women.
    • 200 women.
    • dear sweet jesus 200 women.
    • makes me so happy.
    • that’s nearly all I care about.
  13. But really, I want to put my head down and slam out 200 miles. Take all the energy, pain, grit, and motivation that Landrun and Almanzo lit under my butt and set it off.



*The Outershell bag is messing with my mental game. The little bag was bought for my Marrakesh, it wasn’t supposed to go on the “fast” bike. But then I started doing the Monday Night Gravel ride and I needed to start bringing more snacks, (maybe) Crocs®, cameras, boomboxes, ammo for slingshots, fireworks (hasn’t happened yet, is a great idea), you know. I have the energy from that ride….the Monday Night Gravel. Stolen from District Bicycles, who stole it from someone else, because they know the importance of having a ride like that.

a ride like this.
a ride like this.

Got a little sidetracked there.

Dirty Kanza is a testing grounds. Every single year I learn something, most of the time the lessons aren’t easy, but so worth it. My 5th time around the Flint Hills could end up being the hardest 200 miles I ever ride, but dang I am excited to bring a bag full o’ TREASURES.


verb floun·der

Definition of flounder





  1. intransitive verb
  2. 1:  to struggle to move or obtain footing :  thrash about wildly The poor horse was floundering in the mud.

  3. 2:  to proceed or act clumsily or ineffectually the normally surefooted governor floundered a moment like a prize pupil caught unprepared — Time

That was me for a time. Sure, I could pick out actual years, dates, whatever. Life happens, constant flux, evolution, change. 2017 DK is going to be fucking great. There was no confidence going into DK last year. It hurt real bad for the right reasons, this year will be a different hurt. The kind that makes me smile, want to grind the bar tape right off the bike, ripping rubber, and smashing pedals. thrash about wildly.
It’s gonna be real good.
p.s. that first picture is from my first DK ever. awwwww.

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