Update: Why I need friends.

What’s up guys.

  1. I started school.
  2. Currently tackling the pre-requisites for the Physical Therapists Assistant program at my local community college.
  4. It will take me 3 more years of being in Iowa City to finish.
  5. I talked about starting school last year and I finally did it.
  6. This winter I won’t be doing any winter racing.
  7. Instead I am going on tour.
  9. Stay tuned for a mini-midwest tour.
  10. lemme just say tour one more time. TOUR.
  11. Also gonna create a group of quasi-organized friendos riding gravel called the Gravel Scouts.
  12. Gravel Scouts is for me and you and your friends and maybe your Mom and Dad and sisters and neighbors.
  13. Gravel is for all of us.
  14. I needed to figure out a way to sustain my stoke level to continue riding while in school and to keep that burnt-out feeling at bay.
  15. Gravel Scouts is that.
  16. People who remind me constantly that riding bikes is good, and fun.

There is an update.


I am doing as many female-led events as possible. Starting with the Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra on October 7th. To say I am excited would be an understatement.

Do you know about Sarah Cooper? You should. Google her.

Either way, getting the opportunity to attempt a route she crafted and honed is an honor. You bet yer bottom that I am doing the 200 mile ride.

This will be my third 200 mile ride this year. First one was overnight and magical. Second one was Dirty Kanza and I was hardly present. Third one is waiting for me. Filling me with hope and dread at the same time. The good kind of dread. Healthy fear.

rippy dumps.jpg

I get to ride those hills!!! Just look at ’em.

The words are coming back to me. The writing is as much an outlet as the riding.


3 thoughts on “Update: Why I need friends.

  1. Hi, I came across your blog when searching ‘physical therapist assistant’. I am a PTA in Virginia. I don’t ride bikes, but I run. And I think everyone could always use a friend!

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