Official Transcript of Gravel: Andrea Cohen

The other night I was having a conversation with this lady, let’s call her Kristine, because that’s her name. She was telling me to work harder, that I’m not doing enough. She wasn’t referring to things, she was talking to me….about me. The person who is doing all the things on bikes and mostly hiding.

So let me just jump into it. I am proud of the things accomplished over the past 7 years. There are pictures, race reports, and memories everywhere. Bike things, gravel things, adventure things. That’s it, where my money goes, why I drive a bus (sorry kids. i don’t like most of you), and it’s what I’m going to be doing for a long time. There is no end, just more miles.

2018 is my year for the Tour Divide. The natural progression of my cycling life. Riding 100 miles of gravel is easy, heck riding 200 miles is comfortable. I wouldn’t have come back to Dirty Kanza this year if they hadn’t invited me to the DKXL, pretty sure they knew that too.

Official Bicycling Transcript of Andrea Cohen.


  • 2011
    • Gritty Brevet
      • 100 miles, finished.
  • 2012
    • TransIowa
      • Got lost, DNF around 180 miles.
  • 2013
    • Tuscobia 35
      • 35 miles, finished, didn’t hate it.
    • CIRREM
      • 100 kilometers, finished.
    • TransIowa
      • 326 miles, finished at 11:39am on Sunday.
    • Almanzo?
      • 100 miles? It’s very possible.
    • Chequamegon 100
      • 100 kilometers, on a tandem, it was terrible.
    • Dirty Kanza
      • 200 miles, finished.
    • Heck of the North
      • 100 miles, finished.
  • 2014
    • Triple D
      • 100 kilometers, probably snowy or something, first.
    • Landrun 100
      • 100 miles, DNF, flats.
    • TransIowa
      • 323 miles, DNF, wind.
    • The Royal
      • 162 miles, finished.
    • Dirty Kanza
      • 200 miles, finished, 5th lady overall.
    • Chequemegon 100
      • 100 kilometers, rigid, SS, a favorite.
    • The Ten Thousand*
      • 160  miles, finished, Illinois is not terrible.
    • Gravel Worlds
      • 150 miles, finished, tied for first.
    • Heck of the North
      • 100 miles, finished, 3rd place lady.
    • The 101
      • 100 miles, finished, first.
  • 2015
    • Tuscobia 75
      • 75 miles, finished, first.
    • Triple D
      • 100 kilometers, finished, first.
    • Landrun 100
      • 100 miles, finished, got lost.
    • TransIowa
      • DNF, it rained, no one finished.
    • Dirty Kanza
      • 200 miles, finished.
    • Chequamegon 100
      • 100 miles, DNF
    • Maah Daah Hey
      • 100 miles, DNF, 2 hawt.
    • Gravel Worlds
      • 150 miles, finished.
    • Heck of the North
      • 100 miles, finished
  • 2016
    • Tuscobia 150
      • 150 miles, finished, first, got frostbite.
    • TransIowa
      • 336 miles, finished, I don’t know how.
    • Chequamegon 100
      • 100 miles, DNF
    • Dirty Kanza
      • 200 miles, finished.
  • 2017

    • Fat Pursuit
      • 200 kilometers, DNF.
    • Triple D
      • 100 kilometers, finished, first, ICE, GLARE ICE EVERYWHERE.
    • Landrun 100
      • 100 miles, finished, rain-mud,
    • Almanzo 100
      • 100 miles, finished, rain.
    • Dirty Kanza
      • 200 miles, finished, 5th finish.
    • Gravel Worlds
      • 150 miles, finished, 3rd SS lady.
    • 24 Hours of Cumming
      • 100, kilometers, last leg of 4 lady team, first lady team.
    • Spotted Horse Gravel Ultra
      • 200 miles, finished, first, didn’t die.
    • I.C Gravel
      • 100 miles, DNF, but we still finished after the cut-off.
  • 2018

    • Landrun 100
      • 100 miles, finished.

*You’re welcome, Chad. 


A whole buncha that gravel. Thousands of miles contained in my events. Honestly, probably forgetting something, or someone will tell me I wasn’t somewhere that year, or whatever.

Sure maybe you’ve ridden more miles, or did more things, or completed more TransIowa and Dirty Kanzas and Almanzos and Gravel Worlds and on and on, but I bet not.

Back to the Tour Divide. I am scared, this list of events makes me feel better. Researching my events took some time, but it’s nice to see everything in one place. I put this out here mostly for me, but also so people can start to understand my “why”.

That’s what Kristine meant working harder, doing more. It’s talking about myself and what I have done in a new way, I’m working on it, and will continue to write it out.

I am powerful, dangerous, and have no way of stopping. Tour Divide scares me, it’s supposed to do that. 2018 so far has been too easy. It’s time to start being louder, interrupt more.  I am hard on myself, and it’s time to start sharing that.

Where am I? What’s happening? No one should care but myself.







7 thoughts on “Official Transcript of Gravel: Andrea Cohen

  1. Jennifer Reed

    I feel nerdy, like Wayne & Garth, but I’m totally hoping to join the Monday ride some time…simply so that my bike may absorb some of your dust.

  2. Joe and Tina Stiller

    We are very Proud of you Andrea, and have always been.. I have been through .. a lot of that crap with you.. watching you dig deep when others were being crushed.. you are an amazing athlete and we wish you the best of luck and we’ll be following you on the tour divide..
    Joe and Tina Stiller,

  3. If you’re scared of the Tour Divide that means you’re taking it seriously and you will go in as well prepared as you can be. Enjoy the last bits of preparation and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. As my top tube cap reminded me, “Don’t Forget to Enjoy The View”.

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